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Harmonguy Services

As most of these projects are completely custom and sometimes complex, the prices below may vary. In most cases, the prices below remain static as we generally like to keep it simple and stay within the bounds of our process for creating your message.

Brand Jingles:

  • 30 second audio brand jingle - $2,499.00

  • 60 second audio brand jingle - $3,499.00

Let us develop the sound of your brand. Whether it is for Radio, TV, or any other form of audio marketing, We will capture the very essence of your brand and ensure it depicts the correct demographic feel so that full market impact is achieved for your company. The "Beefeater Gin jingle" on the demo media page shows an example of our work with a major brand in the wine and spirits industry.

Telephone Services:

  • 3 minute "on hold" marketing message audio for your telephone system - $1,299.00

  • Voice recording services - priced by project
    (generally $299 -$699)

From a 3minute, “on hold" telephone marketing message, thru recording voice files for your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for your company, the multi-lingual HG Company is once again ready to quickly deliver high quality product at very low rates. The "Multi Media Music" on the demo media page is a typical musical backdrop that can be used along with your marketing message on top of it for an “on-hold" recording.

For Song Writers:

Song Demo Evaluation & Recommendation - $45.00

Let us simply listen to your song or demo and offer some objective, practical advice on how to tweak your product. We will break our evaluation into 3 parts; overall song construction, recording quality and lyrics/performance. We will also offer suggestions in each of these three areas on how to address the issue(s) we present. Just email us your track and we will immediately help you with this very low cost HG offering.

Song Demo Creation: - $499.00

For a singer or song writer that needs to build and implement a fully orchestrated song around their demo idea. Either from sending us tracks of you singing and playing guitar or piano, or just some lyrics you have written, we will essentially produce a fully finished, broadcast ready, song recording for you. You can simply email us your tracks or written ideas, and we will build a full sound product around you. The "Song Demo Creation" on the demo media page depicts and example of this service.

The Harmony Session: - $299.00

This is the HG flagship product. Email us your song and we will energize it with harmonies that will absolutely light up your recording; again at a very low cost. This is where the HG Company really shines. The "Harmony Session" on the demo media page displays an example of this service.

Multimedia Corporate Presentations

  • Full presentation development
    priced by project (generally $799 -$1499)
  • Existing presentation enhancement
    priced by project (generally $499 -$1199)

The HG Company will work with you in order to design and develop high-end, full impact, multi-lingual presentations that you can use time and time again. Our presentations offer full visual and audio effects. You will truly get your message across with our products. Let us help you sell your point!!!!

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