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Tricked Out Country

Neil Scott Johnson & The HarmonyGuy Company

Gifted songwriter Neil Scott Johnson, teams up with NYC Progressive Producer Anthony Liccese/The HarmonyGuy Company to create a new twist on country music. With the fierce jazz horn infusion by world renown trumpet player Ken Scharf, they have created a slamming, high energy masterpiece that is certain to catch your undivided attention!!! This project includes a music video of "Julie" along with behind the scenes interviews of all the players including the beautiful Stephanie Carrera as "Julie" and Carl Savoca as "Josh". Tricked Out Country is Produced by Anthony Liccese / The HarmonyGuy Company NYC. c. 2010 All Rights Reserved


MOVIE "PISTOLERO": Anthony Liccese/The Harmonyguy Company produced & recorded 2 songs "Maria From Nowhere" & "Only For You" in this short industry film. 

This scene picks it up when 2 revenge seeking Argentinians, looking to buy a gun, show up at "Nunzios", a mob club managed by "Tano" (Anthony); an eye patch wearing bronx character. Watch Anthony as he delivers his acting debut in this short film by Carl Dante: "Pistolero".